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Sectional offices are designed to maximise space and to be easily moved. This means that they are perfect for business as they can be transported to any premises when your business moves or expands.



Our clients have found that they are ideal for their home offices to give them a dedicated work space.

They are versatile, so can be designed and fitted to your needs and specifications. We have recently built them to suit office work, salons and hairdressers and construction companies.

Our sectional offices can have added extras too, such as anti-vandal systems.

Remote offices, McAleer & Conway Construction Ltd, Northern Ireland, UK


When designing a portable school building, it is important to ensure that all building control standards are met. McAleer and Conway pride themselves on creating a safe working environment for children and teachers.

They are fitted with fire alarms and certified electrics to give everyone great peace of mind that the environment is as safe and secure as a classroom inside of the main building.

Our school buildings are also perfect for childcare facilities and nurseries.